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Consumer Credit Mgmt Archives

Displaying Matches 1 thru 53 of 53 Found.  

•  What People Get Away With

•  Creditors' Liability for Agency Violations

•  Did This Requirment to Purchase this Vendor's 'Single Interest' Insurance Constitute a Truth-in-Lending (TILA) Violation?

•  Case Study: Is This Raising of Credit Card Rates a Truth in Lending ACT (TILA) Violation?

•  Pay-As-You-Go Billing--One Utility's Creative Way of Managing Risk

•  SearchAmerica Announces New Permissible Purpose Searches

•  Ten Steps To More Effective Collections

•  Unsecured Loan

•  Improving Call Center Performance

•  Making Loan Decisions on Marginal Applicants

•  Teachable Moments

•  Is This a Violation of Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act?

•  Customizing Collection Strategies on Business Credit Cards

•  Early Collection Intervention Keeps Customers Buying

•  Tips for Selling and Buying Receivables

•  Small Claims Court--A Do-It-Yourself Guide

•  Case Study: Do These Gambling Losses and Resultant Bad Debt Add up to Fraud?

•  Credit Reporting and Bankruptcy: Is Your Post-Discharge Credit Reporting Inviting Trouble?

•  Independent Banking at Its Best

•  The Many Functions of Credit

•  Does a Debt Created by Passing a Bad Check Fall under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Proactive Collection Strategies

•  Legal Case Study: Debtor Sues Based on Deceptive Letter from In-house Collection Arm. Is that A FDCPA Violation?

•  Making the Most Out of Predictive Dialing Systems

•  A Four-Point Strategy for Collecting Medical Bills

•  Legal Case Study: Does Co-Mingling Two Purchases Negate This PMSI?

•  Collecting From Customers in Trouble

•  Collecting For Collections

•  Second Notice? Call Instead

•  Coupon Books Simplify Billing and Improve Collections

•  Does This Action By An Agency Fall Under The FDCPA?

•  Faster, More Accurate Billing and Follow-Up Improve Clinic's Cash Flow

•  Medical Collections by Phone

•  Two-Way Trust

•  Customer-Friendly Collections Work

•  A Business Improvement Team Revamps Collections

•  Legal Case Study: Did This Agency Violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act When Trying to Collect an Old Student Loan Debt?

•  Interactive Intelligence Acquires Latitude Software

•  Helping Customers Protect Their Checks

•  Do These Extra Goods as Loan Collateral Negate a Purchase Money Security Interest?

•  Encouraging Assistance for Struggling Customers

•  Collections and Caller ID

•  The Legalities of Phone Monitoring and Taping

•  EBPP: Service and Savings

•  Arbitration and Third-Party Beneficiaries

•  Play a Role in Rehabilitation

•  Quicker Payments, Better Service

•  Preventing Bad Checks

•  Collection Training: Developing Self-Management Work Teams

•  Validation Notice: A Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Controlling the Credit Application Process

•  Interest on Security Deposits

•  Prime-Time Collecting

Displaying Matches 1 thru 53 of 53 Found