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home | Membership has its advantages!

Membership has its advantages!

Printer-Friendly Format is a private, members-only, resource for those serious about cleaning up old receivables and setting up procedures to improve your credit and collections issues going forward.

If you're frustrated by your task of collecting your receivables, you're not alone. This is the place to be to make the job easier and faster than you could have imagined!

Within the private, members-only area, you'll find a comprehensive source of in-depth information including:

  • Our huge download section, which includes
    • Letters
    • Templates
    • Downloadable legal contracts which you can use to help you get jump-started for your own situation, or use as-is to help your company
    • Forms
    • Spreadsheets
    • Checklists
    • Procedures

    ... in short, all the tools you'll need to keep your collections and A/R operations running smoothly.

  • Over 100 articles from the leading experts in the credit & collections field on all aspects of collecting and managing your accounts receivables properly, including:
    • The best of the collection articles from our sister site,
    • A collection of the best archives from the Credit & Collection Manager's Letter

  • Checklists to help you manage all aspects of your collection, A/R, and credit operations.

  • Access to our popular discussion group, moderated by our team of experts. Get answers on your thorniest collection problems!

  • And finally, inspiration. We recognize that sometimes you just need a little help to keep yourself going on a positive note, and here you'll get that help!

In short, at you'll find actionable ways to instantly make your job easier.

Most of our members find they get a full return on their membership investment within the first few weeks by taking advantage of the download section and our many checklists to make collection painless.

After our low initiation fee of just $99.00, Membership is only $12.95 per month! You'll enjoy uninterrupted 24-hour a day access to all the private, member's only, resources!

Subscribing now guarantees that you'll immediately receive access to everything you need for keeping up-to-date with the very latest in the collection world no matter where you are.

All the content is available exclusively over the net and is daily.


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