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Welcome to the Download Area

This is the area we store files, pdfs, program examples and other materials which you can download and use.

Click any link below to find files or to read a description of any specific file. From the file description page, a single click starts the download process.

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 Processing New Accounts
 Solving New Account Problems
 Guarantee Forms
 Collection Letters That Collect
 Resolving Special Situations
 Other Effective Credit Letters
 Bankruptcy Forms

 "Goofy little terms letter"
 Past Due - Alternate 1st Request
 Unacceptable PO Terms
 Request for Fin'ls - Poor Results
 Skipped Invoice
 New Acct - Open Terms Denied
 Final Demand - Alternate 1
 Old Credit Balance - Suggest Order
 Establish a Dialogue With Customer
 Explanation of Incorrect Cash App
 Past Due Acct - Alt 1st Request 13
 The Apology Letter
 Clearing On-Account Payments
 Order Held Pending Shipment
 Responding to Customer Plea
 Form For Assignment of Payments
 Welcoming the Potential Customer
 Request for Bank Reference Form
 "Goofy little terms letter"
 Bank Reference Check
 Bank Reference Check
 Banking Info Request - General
 Retail Credit Card Request
 Request for Fin'ls - Poor Results
 Responding to Customer Plea
 Misunderstanding on Credit Limit
 Declining Credit Limit Increase
 Delinquent Corp. Credit Card Acc't
 Collection Letter for Credit Cards
 Denying Larger Credit Limit
 Marginal Account Re-established
 COD customer - Now Getting Credit
 Poor Risk - Alternative suggested
 Poor History - Alternative Ideas
 Re-establishing an Inactive Acc't
 Reopen an Acc't - Old Item Due
 Foreign Account Open Terms
 Poor History - Try COD Terms
 New acc't opened - Details Noted
 Prior Problem Acc't Re-Established
 Reminder of Promise to Pay
 Confirmation of Verbal Agreement
 Qs for Atty for Creditor Committee
 Involuntary Bankruptcy Considered
 Order Held Pending Shipment