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download  *The Apology Letter*   *The Apology Letter*

  This is a good letter to use when you make a mistake of some sort when dealing with a customer.

download  *Addressing Missed Payments on Note*   *Addressing Missed Payments on Note*

  This is a letter to be used if you have a customer that has converted a regular accounts payable into a note payable and has missed a payment.

download  *Memo to Sales - Explaining Cr Hold*   *Memo to Sales - Explaining Cr Hold*

  This is a way to word a memo to sales to explain that you need to hold orders for a customer.

download  *Promissory Note - Installments*   *Promissory Note - Installments*

  This is a powerful way to bind a debtor to a commitment they make to pay.

download  *Promissory Notes & Pers Guaranties*   *Promissory Notes & Pers Guaranties*

  A promissory note is much stronger if used in conjunction with a personal guarantee. Here is an example of such a guarantee.

download  *Low Credit - Guaranty Requested*   *Low Credit - Guaranty Requested*

  This is a letter template to request a guarantee before releasing an order on open account.

download  *Request For Joint Personal Grnty*   *Request For Joint Personal Grnty*

  This is a letter to be used when requesting a joint personal guaranty.

download  *Warning to Notify Guarantor*   *Warning to Notify Guarantor*

  This is a letter to use to tell a creditor that has guaranteed their indebtedness to you with a third party that, unless they get their act together and pay you, you'll need to notify their guarantor of the delinquency.

download  *Personal Guaranty Withdrawn Ltr*   *Personal Guaranty Withdrawn Ltr*

  This is a letter to use when you receive notice that a guarantor for your customer has withdrawn their personal guarantee and as a result, you'll need to reduce their credit line.

download  *Request Invite for Credit Visit*   *Request Invite for Credit Visit*

  This letter requests a visit to a customer to discuss a particular issue in person. In this case, the letter is dealing with a customer taking unearned cash discounts, but the issue can vary and the letter modified.

download  *Letter Requesting Fin'l Statements*   *Letter Requesting Fin'l Statements*

  This letter can be used to request a more recent financial statement from your customer.

download  *Letter Rejecting Settlement Offer*   *Letter Rejecting Settlement Offer*

  This letter can be used to send to a debtor in the situation where you've already turned their account over to an attorney.

download  *Former Employee Loan Collection*   *Former Employee Loan Collection*

  Here's a letter you can use if you are called on to collect a debt from a former employee.

download  *Discount Not Taken - Explanation*   *Discount Not Taken - Explanation*

  This letter can be used if you find a customer which previously discounted, suddenly paying slower and not taking their discounts.

download  *Extended Terms Rescinded*   *Extended Terms Rescinded*

  This letter can be used when, because of extenuating circumstances, you have offered a customer extended terms and the period of the extended terms is over.

Your selection returned: 44 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 44 Found.    NEXT