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Legal Issues Archives

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•  Creditors' Liability for Agency Violations

•  Did This Requirment to Purchase this Vendor's 'Single Interest' Insurance Constitute a Truth-in-Lending (TILA) Violation?

•  Case Study: Is This Raising of Credit Card Rates a Truth in Lending ACT (TILA) Violation?

•  Are Both the Employer and the Employee Resonsible For This Improper Ordering of a Consumer Credit Report?

•  Unsecured Loan

•  Legal Case Study: The Case of the Collection Letter That Might Have Missrepresented the Agency. Or Did It?

•  Is This a Violation of Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act?

•  Small Claims Court--A Do-It-Yourself Guide

•  Case Study: Do These Gambling Losses and Resultant Bad Debt Add up to Fraud?

•  Credit Reporting and Bankruptcy: Is Your Post-Discharge Credit Reporting Inviting Trouble?

•  Legal Case Study: Debtor Sues Based on Deceptive Letter from In-house Collection Arm. Is that A FDCPA Violation?

•  Legal Case Study: Does Co-Mingling Two Purchases Negate This PMSI?

•  Case Study: Is This Law Firm in Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Because of the Way it is Mass Producing Collection Letters?

•  Does This Action By An Agency Fall Under The FDCPA?

•  Is This Suit - Filed in the Wrong County - a FDCPA Violation?

•  Force Majeure Clauses

•  Case Study: Is This Collector in Trouble Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Contractual Conditions and Collections

•  Legal Case Study: Did This Agency Violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act When Trying to Collect an Old Student Loan Debt?

•  Guaranty or Suretyship?

•  Case_Study: Does Chapter 7 Filing Allow Discharge of Scholarship Debt?

•  Can Creditor Pocket Extra When Repossessing Collateral?

•  Do These Extra Goods as Loan Collateral Negate a Purchase Money Security Interest?

•  Collections and Caller ID

•  Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure

•  Arbitration and Third-Party Beneficiaries

•  Validation Notice: A Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Interest on Security Deposits

•  Is this a Consumer Debt or a Business Debt?

•  Uh oh! Is this technicality enough to derail payment?

•  The Doctrine of Necessities

•  Collection Agency Settles on FDCPA Charges

•  Is Collection Agency Right or Are They on Thin Ice With the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Judgments Against Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship

•  Settlements Should Give Guidance to Collectors

•  Can Out of State Bank Charge Late Fees in California?

•  Banks Can Freeze Bankrupt Consumers' Accounts

•  The Debtor Won't Pay Voluntarily -- So Now What Happens? A Look at the Suit Decision and Process

•  Is this a consumer or commercial debt and is it covered under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

•  Breach of Peace

•  Truth in Lending Act

•  Does the FDCPA Apply to Commercial Collections?

•  Competing Liens: the Basics

•  Spousal Guarantees: Be Careful What You Ask For

•  Practical Tips for Enforcing Commercial Judgments -- A Perspective from the Trenches

•  Your Customer Sells Your Goods to Pay Other Creditors: Is This Fraud? If It Is Fraud, Will Your Claim Survive the Bankruptcy?

•  CLLA Code of Ethics: Does Your Agency Comply?

•  Canadian Reclamation: What 4 Conditions Must Be Met?

•  Company Claims Buyer Not Authorized to Purchase & Refuse to Pay: Can They Get Away With That?

•  10 Ways to Have a Positive Impact in a Bankruptcy Case: Part Two

•  10 Ways to Have a Positive Impact in a Bankruptcy Case - Part 1

•  Pitfalls for the Unwary Committee Member-- The Top Five Danger Zones

•  Case Study: Purchasing Other Creditors' Claims to Kill a Bankruptcy Plan: A Strong-Arm Tactic or a Great Way to Get Paid?

•  Litigation: 15 Ways to Control the Process (and Save Money)

•  Limited Liability Companies Require Special Credit Attention

•  Top 10 signs of Impending Bankruptcy

•  Liens: No Substitute For A Signed Agreement?

•  Four Steps to Minimize the Risks and Rewards of Selling To a Debtor-in-Possession

•  Why Should Alternative Dispute Resolution Be a Part of Your Arsenal? Because It Could Save You Big Bucks

•  When You're Talking About Collection Agencies, a Rose by Any Other Name Is Still a Rose

Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 64 Found  NEXT