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home | Tip of the Week | Obnoxious (and WRONG) Customer Blast . . .

Obnoxious (and WRONG) Customer Blasts You: Time to Sound Off?

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Credit staffer Amanda Dunning of Sparky's Sportswear held the phone at arm's length. For the third consecutive day, she was on the losing end of a tirade from Bill Bluster, a customer with a complaint. Let's listen:

Bluster: "How many more times do I have to call you before you straighten out this problem?"

Dunning: "Mr. Bluster, as I've said to you repeatedly, I'm doing everything in my power to clear up this matter. You'll just have to give me more time."

Bluster: "Time?! You've had plenty of that already. Every month you send me a notice for a $100 purchase of a tent that I never made, and every month you give me the same song-and dance about fixing it."

Dunning: "Well, as best as I can determine, the charge originated in our mail order division, and although it seems legitimate, I assure you that--"

Bluster: "Hold on one minute. You have a mail order division?"

Dunning: "Yes, we do. It's called 'Outdoor Adventure.' That's how we sell most of our camping equipment."

Bluster: "That's it! My daughter purchased a tent recently through their catalogue. I wrote out the check. I didn't know that was part of your company. Gosh, I don't know what to say."

Dunning: "I do."

What should Dunning say?

Click on "next" below for the answer and reasons.

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