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No Shortcuts in Collector Training

Many collection departments and agencies have found success in having one or more experienced collectors conduct new employee training. But while these veterans do indeed know the ins and outs of the profession, few of them have a professional background in education, particularly adult education. George Huyler, vice president, Human Resources, for Management Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (Buffalo, N.Y.), which employees upward of 200 professional collectors, contends that truly effective training requires using trainers who have a professional background in adult education.
  • the differences in the way that adults and children learn, and the implications for training collectors
  • the three ways adults learn
  • what the first week's orientation covers - and the three ways it is communicated to new hires
  • how and why mentors are such an important part of the training process, and the four characteristics they use to identify superior mentors
  • specific tasks that mentors work on with their proteges
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